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FlipperFiles is a reselling-based venture I started in 2019 to share information with beginner resellers through social media and streamline the reselling process through software and discord bots. I resell sneakers on my own under the FlipperFiles name, reaching the benchmark of $30,000 in revenue this past year!

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The FlipperFiles name and brand has given me the opportunity to be a paid consultant and builder with other groups, brands, and companies, such as Advantage.IO (a for-profit information hub and community), EXOPREME (a bot company), and (an intelligent reselling software company)

FlipperFiles Tools is the software branch of FlipperFiles, which creates, manages, and hosts software for other resellers and businesses to use. These include the Discord package, which streamlines the resell process, and the currently-beta Pokemon card identifier, which uses machine learning to gauge card identity and quality.

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Falcon Giveaway is a more recent offshoot brand of FlipperFiles through which giveaways are done with the goal of advertising and getting user/follower growth for the Instagram accounts paying to be included

The most recent addition to the FlipperFiles umbrella is the FlipperFinder Newsletter, a monthly, educational newsletter for sneaker market recap, analysis, and opinion

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Balcony Shelf was the company that my team and I formed during the year-long TYE program with the goal of more efficient space utilization in mid-range highrise apartments and condos

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